Easily taking the claim of the longest project I have ever worked on, this kayak was the culmination of three years of hard work. Nearly every aspect of it was built from the ground up. I did ID and CAD work on the kayak hull, peddle drive, and several accessories on the kayak. As new parts were engineered and tested I would often need to go back and redesign aesthetics to match.  Throughout this project I learned the ideal dynamic of collaborating with the engineering for product development success. 

You can see the difference in appearance between my sketch of the tray and knob versus the render. When I would get new requirements from engineering I would hash out the aesthetics with some quick and dirty thinking sketches. I would then update the changes in the CAD model. This occurred often on this project which kept me on my toes! Luckily I enjoy this kind of back and forth because I love problem solving. 

Sold in a limited run in Idaho with nationwide distribution to select Sam's Club locations coming soon. In addition I received a design patent as a co-creator of the pedal drive mechanism.