This table was one of the first products I completed after being hired on to Lifetime Products. At the start of a project most of my thinking sketches look similar to the examples below. I like to keep them simple so I can generate as many ideas as possible, as quickly as possible.  This way I ensure that focusing on the fidelity of the sketch never gets in the way of the next good idea. 

Sometimes I like to use mood boards to help inspire the aesthetics of a design. For this table I looked to the automotive world for design cues. 

"Daytona" by Falk Lademann (CC BY 2.0) / Cropped from Original

After getting a better idea of the design direction I want to move in I'll create more refined sketches like the ones shown below. The option on the right was my favorite of the bunch and was the key sketch for the final design. Using the CAD I was making as an underlay, I further refined the design details. 

Since this table utilized a similar frame as the Companion Table, I needed to ensure that this table top design was distinguishable from the other table. Drawing from automotive design for inspiration I used transitioning curves and sloping lines to create that differentiation.

For sale at Amazon, Walmart, Lifetime, Sam's Club, and Home Depot.